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About Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity

What we do:
Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity is an organisation devoted to creativity research and training. We are specifically interested in the neurobiological context in which creativity occurs, thus the name of “NeuroCreativity”.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between academia and the real world, by using cutting neurological research in creativity as a foundation for helping and assisting organisations in applying this knowledge to their innovation and thought processes.

Who we are:
CINC is founded by a designer and neurobiologist who dedicated their life to understand and increase creativity. Morten is a neurobiologist with a PhD in the neuroscience of creativity. He is a world leading neurobiologist in the field of creativity research, involving extremely complicated studies of brain functions.
Balder is a medical equipment designer with a PhD investigating the relationship between creativity and constraints. His speciality is creativity training, and practical application of Mortens research. Jacob, our Managing Partner, is an experienced innovation consultant and public speaker with a background in teaching, frugal innovation and social entrepreneurship. He leads the business side of CINC and is the key disseminating the science of neurocreativity, while administering the creative geniuses he works with on a daily basis. In addition we have a team of amazing facilitators and researcher attached. See their bio’s on

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Copenhagen Institute of NeuroCreativity
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Phonenumber: +45 42905131